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supported children at the beachAny time a couple gets divorced, questions concerning child support must be answered. Both parents are financially responsible for their child’s living expenses, healthcare, education, food, clothing, and anything else the child might need. Who pays whom, and how much is given, depends on the family’s situation and the terms of the child custody order. Child support payments are typically made until the child turns 18 and becomes a legal adult, unless certain circumstances require otherwise.

Calculating Child Support

There is no simple equation we plug numbers into that will spit out an easy answer for child support. Instead, various factors and individual family requirements must be taken into consideration and thoroughly examined before a child support order can be made. These factors vary case by case, family by family, and sometimes even differ from child to child in the same family.

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Child support is a complicated legal matter, and your best bet for getting an accurate estimate on what to expect is to speak with a qualified family law attorney. Arthur A. Ferraro Attorney at Law is fluent in California’s laws and guidelines concerning child support and are familiar with what judges might decide based on certain factors.

We’ll dedicate ourselves to learning the specifics of your individual case and help you understand everything you need to know about child support laws in the Golden State. We want to help you give you and your children the best outcome so you can all move forward with your lives.

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