What’s involved in the divorce process?

Oh, so many things. When divorce is the only viable option for a couple, the person petitioning for divorce must complete and submit all the required documents, available on the California court system website or at public or county court law libraries. The documents are then filed with the Court.

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Is there a quicker and cheaper way to get a divorce?

Yes. California courts recognize both a “summary dissolution” and “uncontested divorce” process. If you are eligible, either process could save you time and money by giving you less paperwork to file and allowing you to avoid having to appear in court. Contact family law attorney Arthur A. Ferraro to learn more about how best to move forward.

Do I even need a family law lawyer?

Depending on the circumstances of your individual family issues, you may or not require the legal assistance of a lawyer. However, a family law attorney can help you through all of the proper legal channels when filing for divorce or child support, and ensure you have all the necessary documents that can save you time and money with the courts. We highly recommend consulting an experienced family lawyer.

Can I change my child custody, visitation or support orders?

Parents who are unsatisfied with the terms of their child custody, child support or visitation orders may file a Request for Order with the California court. Filing doesn’t guarantee that your request will be granted, however, as there are certain “changes in circumstances” a judge will look for to determine if an order change is justifiable. Contact our office for more information.

Who is given custody of children in a divorce?

In California, legal custody and physical custody are the two types of custody that can be granted to divorcing parents. Legal custody includes the important decisions made for children, such as education, health care and welfare. Physical custody determines the child’s primary residence.

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What does business law cover?

Many rules and regulations fall under the umbrella of business law. Like most states, California has its own versions of these laws, as well as penalties or punishments for violations. For more information, contact a professional business law attorney now.

When should I hire a personal injury lawyer?

Not everyone needs a lawyer following a personal injury. But if you’ve been hurt and are no longer able to work or require continued care for your injuries, you might want to seek legal help, especially if your injury is the result of someone else’s negligence. Every client’s personal injury situation is unique and requires different action. If you have questions regarding a potential claim, contact Arthur A. Ferraro Attorney at Law as soon as possible.

What does California real estate law cover?

California’s real estate laws were put in place to protect both buyers and sellers, and real estate agents operating in California must abide by state laws and regulations imposed by the Department of Real Estate. If you have additional questions regarding real estate law, don’t hesitate to call Arthur A. Ferraro Attorney at Law.

Does Arthur A. Ferraro Attorney at Law offer free consultations?

Absolutely! Just contact our office to schedule yours today.

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